Program of the conference NOVIKOV DAY

Monday, June 17 , Steklov Mathematical Institute, conference hall, 9th floor


9.50 10.00 opening

10.00 10.45 V.V.Kozlov. On Gibbs distribution for quantum systems.

10.50 11.35 V.E.Zakharov. Diagonal metrics in differential geometry and general relativity.

11.35 11.50 Coffee

11.50 12.35 V.M.Buchstaber. Complex cobordisms and toric topology.

12.45 13.30 B.A.Dubrovin. From Gromov - Witten invariants to integrable systems

13.30 15.00 Lunch

15.00 15.45 P.G.Grinevich, S.P.Novikov. Laplace transformation for a discrete Schroedinger operator, SL(2)

connections and electrical circuits.

15.45 16.00 Coffee

16.00 16.45 I.A.Dynnikov. On the structure of a typical leaf of a measurable foliation of thin type on a 2-dimensional

complex (a joint work with A.Skripchenko).

16.50 17.35 O.I.Mokhov. Commuting ordinary differential operators of arbitrary genus and arbitrary rank with

polynomial coefficients.


18-00 Reception in honor of S.P.Novikov 75th Birthday (in the lobby of the conference hall, 9th floor)



Friday, June 21 , Steklov Mathematical Institute, conference hall, 9th floor

Joint session of the conferences in honor of Jubilee of S.P.Novikov and V.M.Buchstaber


10.00 10.50 L.D.Faddeev. Zero modes in Liouville model

10.50 11.20 Coffee

11.20 12.10 I.M.Krichever. Amoeba, Ronkin functions and Monge-Ampere measures of algebraic curves with marked


12.20 13.10 A.P. Veselov. Universal formulae in Lie groups and Chern - Simons theory.

13.10 15.00 Lunch

15.00 sections of the conference in honor of V.M.Buchstaber. See the schedule at